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Our Sudbury Daycare Transforms Small Steps to Giant Leaps

Cedar Park Day Care pre-school program is designed based on the fundamental concept that a child’s mind undergoes incredible development in the first six years of life. We help children board the train of lifelong learning to lay a solid foundation for future academic and social development. Our prime focus is to instill independent learning, creative thinking, and excellent communication skills to arm your children to succeed in tomorrow’s world.

Pre-School Daily Routine

We follow the following routine in our daycare:

Planning time
Work time
Recall time
Small group
Large group
Outdoor play
Morning/afternoon snacks and hot lunch
Rest/sleep time

Planning Time

During planning time, the educators and children meet to discuss what each child wants to do, how the child might do it, and whom he/she may do it with. The children decide how and where they will spend their work time. It may be formal or informal, depending on the age group.

Work Time

Work time allows children to explore materials and equipment, to learn new skills and to experiment with ideas. Educators interact with children, supporting their ideas, activities and helping the children to extend their ideas.

Recall Time

It provides children with the opportunity to remember what they did during work time. Children are given an opportunity to share with the educators and the other children their work time experience in a supportive environment.

Small Group

Our educators plan small group activities based on the children’s interests and abilities, allowing for individual ideas and differences. Children will discover and develop knowledge on various topics and will manipulate a variety of material, both old and new. A small group encourages independence, individualism, confidence and creativity.

Large Group

Children and educators gather for an active 10 or 15 minutes of playing games, songs, fingerplays, dancing or playing musical instruments. Everyone is involved in the same activity at the same time. Children are provided with an opportunity to participate in a large group, sharing and demonstrating his/her ideas as well as others. This encourages leading and following skills and develops social skills through sharing ideas and turn-taking in a fun, active group setting.

kid playing with blocks

 The Best Childcare Space

Help your child thrive with active learning.

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