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Cedar Park Day Care Program Statement

Cedar Park Daycare provides a warm, nurturing family setting meeting the needs of each child. All children are unique individuals treated with unconditional love and respect. Self-esteem and respect for themselves and others will be encouraged through open communication, sharing, and setting and accepting appropriate limits. Daily routines and activities will encourage self-help skills and independence. Educators will provide learning experiences planned around the children’s interests which encourage and develop each child’s social, emotional, cognitive, intellectual, and physical self.


Educators will be positive role models fostering each child’s independence and individualism working as a team with parents to ensure a positive, loving environment.


Cedar Park Daycare has an open door policy encouraging the involvement of all families as well as community partners.

“The children are our future. We want them to grow and thrive as positive, respectful and loving individuals. We must set the example now.”

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