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School Age…Opportunities to Learn and Explore

At Cedar Park Daycare, we understand that during the young years of their lives, your children need to be guided and encouraged to grow up to be confident, intelligent, and sensitive individuals. While school age children get a chance to learn and grow in their schools, there are times, like school holidays and after school hours, when they might need professional care.

We offer school age children a fun and nurturing environment on non-school days to assist you in your child’s growth and development.

Our School-Age Program

Our school-age program is available before and after school as well as for a full day on non-school days. Educators plan and implement age-appropriate games as well as structured and unstructured activities both indoors and out. Activities are based on the interests and needs of the children. Children actively participate in the planning process. Afternoon snacks are provided after school and both morning and afternoon snacks are provided during non-school days along with a delicious hot lunch.

kid playing with blocks

Unlimited Fun Before & After School

We create a playtime environment for your child’s overall relaxation.

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