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Quality licensed childcare meeting every child's uniqueness and individuality.

A family setting where children matter

Where Education, Care, & Play Go Hand-in-Hand

Let your child spread their wings in a fun and learning environment.

A Learning Destination for Child Care in Sudbury

Cedar Park Daycare is a family setting environment licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Education for 26 preschool and 10 school age children. We are conveniently located in the New Sudbury area within walking distance to Cambrian College. Qualified Early Childhood Educators provide your child with the best learning through both play and planned activities. We strive to create an environment which encourages positive development, growth and self-esteem in your child. Our primary goal is to develop the unique quality of each child and support parents in raising their children in a fun learning environment.

“The developmental potential of a daycare or pre-school setting depends on the extent to which supervising adults create and maintain opportunities for the involvement of children in a variety of progressively more complex (ongoing) activities and interpersonal structures that commensurate with the child’s evolving capacities and allow (the child) sufficient balance of power to introduce innovations.”

- Bronfenbrenner (1979)

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Nurture Your Child With the Best Childcare

Our history in fostering young minds is reason enough to choose us.

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Want a Fun Learning Pre-school for Your Child?

Our childcare centre builds the foundation for confident and creative individuals.

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A Fun Place for Your School-Age Children

Give your children a nurturing environment outside of their school too.


A Learning Destination for Child Care in Sudbury

We, at Cedar Park Daycare, take pride in meeting the individual needs of all families and children. Our daily routines and activities follow a “High Scope Approach” promoting independence and self-growth in a family-like environment where each child can spread their wings and soar, reaching their full potential. Our qualified educators create opportunities that enrich and support the emotional, social, creative, cognitive, and physical needs of each child.


We believe that play is the medium through which children learn and grow. At our childcare your children will gain in self-confidence and independence, discovering and solving problems, and becoming independent decision makers. We recognize children as unique individuals and place value on who they are, where they come from, and the community in which they live.  Get in touch to give your child the best daycare experience.

Professional Affiliations

Licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Education
Staffed by Registered Early Childhood Educators
Child & Community Resources
City of Greater Sudbury Children’s Services

Service Area


What the Parents Have to Say

Here’s what the happy parents of the children in our daycare have to say about our services:

Love the Place & the Owner

“I used to work here as well as had my son in this daycare when I went back to school! I love this place, love the owner Gwen, if I still lived in Sudbury this is where my two children would be!”

- Layna V.

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